May 17, 2018
Coach Shaw
Hilltoppers Academy

Coach Shaw, comes from a great family with two great parents father was a police officer for over 23 years, mother work for NASA for 10 years.

A graduate of San Jose College majored in communication with a minor in business. He has been involved in Youth Sports since 1976 in the San Jose California area. Married for 28 years with 5 kids one set of twins graduating from high school this year from S.T. High School in San Jose. His daughter is going to University of Arizona, and his son is going to the College of Grand Canyon University, his oldest son has graduated from college last year with a degree in Computer Graphics

Have been voted High School Coach of the Year, CYO coach of the year voted 2005 All-Star coach for the San Jose Evergreen Valley Chapter  NJB,  received awards from the state of Texas,  given the key to the state of Texas,  voted coach of the Youth Athletic program in the state of Texas. 

Coach will talk about youth sports, youth academics, youth lives socially with respect to community involvement.