Another successful Thanksgiving gathering for students at Foothill High School took place on November 16, 2022.
Nick, Marianne, Robbie, Binta and Diane facilitated shopping at the Safeway on Meridian where we received a generous 30% discount on the 40 frozen turkeys and groceries required this year.
At Foothill our team, which now included Sara, took no time at all to bag the turkeys and groceries. Principal Noemi C. Ramirez was very happy with the results. We were then joined by Van and Ruth. Ruth, who had taken our Aqui lunch orders, brought them plus her amazing sweet potato pie and a fabulous cranberry torte to complete our day.
Cards inserted into each bag shared our pride in these students for staying safe, finishing high school and planning for the future.
Enjoy these photos and click below for more!

Well-organized group

Pick up at Safeway and Pack up at Foothill