I am proud to serve as your San Jose East/Evergreen (SJE/E) Rotary Club President for 2021- 2022. While a Rotarian for just two years, I have been a Board Officer on profit and non-profit organizations for 30 years. My education has been in Engineering, Management, and Strategy with 50 years of service in government, private industry, and academia.
I have been called a creative optimist, and I wear that label proudly. Creativity and persistence can overcome many obstacles. To be a pessimist is to waste energy in non-productive efforts.
My education and work experience have helped my career and benefited my wonderful family. But just as important as accomplishments are aspirations.
Starting in July 2021, I plan to listen to each SJE/E club member and learn what characteristics they want their club to have now and in the future, and especially hear about their aspirations. I ask you to reflect on your aspirations and work with the other members to build our club to meet all members' goals. An energized club can attract proactive new members who wish to serve and have fun as we re-grow SJE/E.
My job is to serve all the members and use leadership, organizational, and mentoring knowledge. We all deserve ethical treatment, respect, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. Comments and suggestions for improvements are crucial as we strive to be of practical service to others. With all of your active participation in Avenues of Service and Club projects, we can build on SJE/E's excellent reputation in District 5170 and become the Rotary Club we want to invest our time and energy. I offer a suggested goal motto: "The Best Small Rotary Club in California."
Thank you in advance for your thoughts, efforts, and continued support.
Yours in Rotary