Posted by Sara Calkins on Oct 03, 2018
At an emergency meeting of the board of directors on September 27, 2018, it was agreed to leave The Ranch Golf Club, which was charging $502.50/week and causing the club's finances to go "in the red" about $1200/month. The decision was difficult for many as the site had great views and a pleasant private room. Several attempts at renegotiating for a lower cost met with inflexibility.
After researching several alternatives, it was decided to relocate to The Drying Shed Restaurant where Director of Catering, Edward Ramsey welcomed us "back." Our club had met there years ago.
We will order off the lunch menu and the total bill will be paid by our Treasurer. We will keep the cost of lunches at $20 for the time being until we see if that amount covers lunches as well as tax and tip.
For our Oct. 11 meeting we will not engage a guest speaker. This meeting will be to acquaint ourselves with the location and get used to ordering from the menu. Mr. Ramsey has requested that I give him an estimate of how many of us to expect the day before, so I'll be asking for an email response from all those planning to attend.