Posted by Harbinder Sikka on Mar 14, 2018


I would like to give an update from the Vocational Services desk of the Rotary Club of San Jose East/Evergreen. We had a successful crab feed and the club has allocated $4040 to the Vocational Service towards our AI/Robotics project. With that our present total for this AI/Robotics project has now increased to $6000.


Our club endowment president Mr. Robbie Izat has also announced the availability of $38000 for the year 2018 from the club endowment funds towards club projects. The deadline for the application from the club members has been extended to April 30th, 2018. There is a limit of $11,000 per project. We hope that our Vocational Service project will be able to get the funding from the club endowment board making the total amount raised to be $17,000.


Since there is a delay in obtaining these funds so I would like to request high school AI/Robotics clubs to recruit more Juniors so that we can hold the competition in the fall. Since now all the funds are coming from our own club so there are some changes to the rules regarding the equipment. 

1. The equipment now will remain the property of the Rotary Club of San Jose East/Evergreen.

2. Rotary SJE/E will monitor the progress of the clubs to ensure that the provided equipment is used properly otherwise we have the right to reclaim the equipment.

3. Rotary SJE/E may use the equipment for different summer clubs at the same high school or different high schools in ESUHSD.

4. Club advisors will be required to provide a monthly update on the progress to the Rotary SJE/E vocational chair.



We would like to visit the schools AI clubs in April before our club endowment application deadline so that we can provide a proper funding guidance for our project.


We would advise all clubs to make sure that their students have signed up on the following website

for an account to be created by MIT beaver institute. 


They need to complete the following course 




before we can provide the MIT race car to the clubs.