Posted by Nick Leon on Oct 24, 2019

Enjoy a gourmet dinner to support a life-changing project

We sponsor, with Milpitas, Oakland Uptown, and  Los Gatos Rotary Clubs,  a RYLA leadership camp in Vietnam to keep students in school to receive education and training in life skills so they are not trafficked.
Are you aware that human traffickers promise jobs in China to entice the students? 
Actually the girls are kidnapped and sold to a Chinese family to have a baby. The baby is kept by the family and the girl is sold to another family to have another baby, and sold to yet another family. After three babies, the girls are sold into prostitution.
All funds raised from the Gala go to the Rotary Vietnam Project (RVP) which will then be matched by a foundation, AND those funds will be matched through a Rotary Global Grant Project.