Our District Governor Elect Orrin Mahoney from Cupertino Club talks about diversity at our Rotary Clubs. He spoke about the current models of reaching out to various communities that are a big part of the valley, partnering with them through their local associations and festivals, through international projects and partnerships etc.
Rotarian Catherine delivers a bio of herself at the club meet last week. It was very interesting listening to the stories of her family, and her memories of growing up in a fruit orchard in Cupertino.
It was a pleasure visiting the Rotary Club of Silicon Valley to listen to a young immigrant from India Manasi Ganpule talk about the tradition, culture, and evolution behind the luscious Indian Dress - The Saree, and how she has been active on social media trying to reach out to the next generations of Indians to preserve this beautiful weave. 
Ruth was present, and she talked to the club about our 50th Anniversary Dinner, and invited them to attend. Let's make it a point to attend the meets of some of our local clubs in the valley in the next few weeks, and invite them to the occasion.