The story continues.... Inducted three new promising members into our club last week.
Following is a bio of Serene:
Serene Hope is the CEO for Extreme Sports Productions and Recreation Entertainment Global LLC.  These companies have built and operate multiple family recreation center and software marketing companies focused on outdoor family adventure activities. She is from Silicon Valley, specifically Sunnyvale and Cupertino where even as a child she was involved in innovation and technology, starting her first company at the age of 9 called "Siliconcepts" a jewelry company made with computer chips. She has an extensive background in facility operations, marketing and sales as well as working many years in film and television casting and production here in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been involved with building and managing all aspects of operations and development for multiple recreation centers including Santa Clara Paintball and Nor Cal Laser Tag, Paintball Sports Park, Midway Facility, Paintball Tickets Marketing and Ventav Marketing Solutions.  
For the past thirteen years she has been dedicated to providing the highest level of service and safety for her family recreation in California and in Washington State. Through her nationwide events and marketing company she bring a unique perspective working with fairgrounds all over the west coast such as Solano County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, LA Pomona, San Diego Del Mar, Cal Expo and of course the beautiful Santa Clara County just to name a few. Engaging these local communities for decades has given her a understanding of fairgrounds big and small, the communities that surround them, and a heart to serve them in a multitude of ways. Her experience with family recreation centers and marketing lead her to develop a software that quickly helped hundreds of recreational facilities build their customer base and bring in new customers year after year.  With an emphasis on youth and recreation she has been successful in creating fundraising opportunities for hundreds of local schools, and non profit youth and family focused organization in Santa Clara County and throughout California. 
Serene is married to Michael DeCorra her husband of 12 years, and business partner for 20 years.  They have one college age child attending Cal Poly Pomona looking to graduate in December and ultimately earn his doctorate in neurology and one child attending Valley Christian Elementary who loves playing ice hockey and paintball. Serene has traveled to both India and Haiti with mission teams to provide food, prayer, and love to children and families in great need and has always had a heart  to give back. Through the use of her nationwide marketing company she continues to help raise money for children in India who suffer from Leprosy also know as the Hansen disease.  By raising funds to provide food, shelter, water wells, education, medicines and vocational training she hopes to continue to make an impact on those innocent lives who are often time shamed and unable to work or even come into contact with regular society. She has been a faithful member of Jubilee Christian Center for 14 years and greatly values her faith, family and friendships. She has always believed in "service before self" and is excited to have found this high quality, valuable, local organization that impacts the community the youth and those around our county in such a meaningful and positive way. 
This is what our young doctor Shail would like us to know about him:

"Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude." – Ralph Marston

I am a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Hospice & Palliative Medicine. I have being on this medical journey for more than 2 decades, which started with Med school in India and continued as I migrated to US in 2002. I completed my residency in Internal Medicine from Kaiser Permanente at Santa Clara and worked there as an inpatient Hospitalist for 7 years. Working in the heart of Silicon Valley in one of the leading community hospitals, I have treated significant cardiovascular and medical problems, which I firmly believes are mostly triggered by lifestyle choices and can be treated / prevented with aggressive lifestyle modifications.

I founded Excel Medicine in 2016 as I am a firm believer of "Prevention as Treatment" and lifestyle modifications as treatment option instead of conventional reactive medical approach. Em is a practice in which I can provide quality personalized care with aggressive lifestyle changes to help reduce and prevent diseases and achieve a better quality of life. One of my personal goals is to increase awareness and fight the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in South Asians. Beside work I enjoy strength-training, listening music, biking, photography and spending time with my family.

I am excited to be a part of Evergreen Rotary and it will definitely take me to paths of charity, humility, tolerance, service, honesty and fulfillment.

“Rotary summons men to respond to their best impulses...their best selves...[to] lift up their heads in every land. The best things in us are not confined by national boundaries.” 


We all know Steve Samuel of USTEC:
He was our featured speaker at the club a few weeks ago, and has been attending our club meets for a while now.
His organization, A Non-Profit Computer Aided Design Instruction has been doing wonderful work in the valley working and training veterans and other groups with CAD. As a high tech person working in Silicon Valley, he correlates that for a person - the Brain is the Hardware, Education and Experience is the Software and his/her Culture is the Operation System. Very Interesting.
We welcome you to the club and hope to do great work with you!