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United States of America
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New Health Order for Santa Clara County

Eli Wolfe reporting for San Jose Spotlight

Santa Clara County and seven other Bay Area counties have issued a new health order requiring masks indoors in public places. The mandate applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status.
Officials announced the health order during a news conference on Monday [8/2/21]. The order, which takes effect midnight on Tuesday, applies to most public settings, with limited exceptions, in Santa Clara County, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sonoma and the city of Berkeley.
People in restaurants or bars can remove masks to eat and drink. But masks must remain on inside gyms, movie theaters, hair and nail salons or retailers. In Santa Clara County, businesses are obligated to enforce the mask mandate. Residents can submit complaints about businesses failing to do this on the county website.
Officials said this is a necessary step because the Delta variant is responsible for a significant spike in hospitalizations of unvaccinated individuals. Some vaccinated individuals have also been hospitalized, although those cases are infrequent and tend to be elderly and with significant co-morbidities.
The announcement reflects guidance from both California Department of Public Health and the CDC.
Source: San Jose Spotlight
Contact Eli Wolfe at

August - Focus on Membership

August 2021
Membership and New Club Development Month
Time for a Club Health Check
Your Club Experience 
Members who  have a  positive  Rotary experience are more  likely  to  stay.  In  turn,  they  create  a  positive  Rotary  experience  for  others,  because  their  enthusiasm  is  contagious. If your club’s members genuinely enjoy being a  part  of  the  club, you’re  on  the  right  path. Your experience  includes not just your club meetings and other activities, but  also the connections you’ve made and your pride in Rotary’s  work. 
Service and Socials 
Participating in service and having fun with fellow members  are  the  primary  reasons  Rotarians  join  and  stay  in  Rotary.   The  healthiest  clubs  vary  their  activities  and  offer multiple  ways  to  get  involved.  Try  a  new  kind  of  social  event  or  a  different service experience and watch the impact it has on  your club. 
A  healthy  club is  one  that is growing and  changing. Having  members  with  diverse  perspectives  and  backgrounds  will  fuel innovation and give your club a broader understanding  of  your  community’s  needs.  Pay  attention  to  how  your  members  are  feeling  about  the  club.  Research  shows  that  one  of  the  most  common  reasons  members  leave  is  that  club leaders are not open to new ideas. Involving members  and giving them a voice in their club’s future will strengthen  both the club and members’ commitment to Rotary.  Image  Clubs  that  have  fun  and  make  an  impact  are  attractive  to  those who  see  that. A positive public image improves your  club’s  relationship  with  your  community  and  prospective  members. Make sure your club is getting  the credit  for  the  service  you  provide.  Demonstrating  that  your  club  meets  real needs confirms your value to your community. 
Business and Operations 
When your club runs smoothly, you likely have good leaders  who are looking toward the club’s future. The leaders shape  the club as a whole, and it’s crucial to have skilled people in those  leadership  positions.  For  this  reason,  leadership  development is also a way to fortify your club. 
Visit My Rotary and complete the Rotary Club Health Check  questionnaire.    It  is  the  first  step  in  becoming  a  healthier,  more vibrant club.  

Coming Soon to RI's My Rotary

New district enhancements coming to My Rotary
Members will soon be able to review district information from a dedicated landing page on My Rotary. In a few weeks, you’ll easily see which clubs and members are part of your district. This enhancement is part of the ongoing upgrades being made to the site. Throughout 2021, we’ll continue to improve your My Rotary experience by:
  • Making district officer and assistant governor information more easily accessible
  • Improving the process for district officers to report, remove, and replace district officers
  • Simplifying the assistant governor appointment process
  • Introducing a dashboard for governors that presents key district information in a visually meaningful way
  • Updating the process for managing district conferences and obtaining feedback
  • Recognizing members who have sponsored a certain number of new members
These new features will be released throughout the year.

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