Feb 09, 2017 Karen Scherrer
Veterinary Services for Pets of the Homeless - Vet clinic for the homeless, will introduce her program to us. Karen travels around the Bay Area going to areas where homeless people are. Some of them, like us, have pets they adore. The difference is, most of us reading this have or can find the resources needed to help our pets. Karen will explain the dilemma faced by homeless people.  The people live on the street because they do not have sufficient resources to find permanent shelter. What choice can they make when their beloved pet needs medical attention? Karen’s organization offers a possible solution.
Feb 16, 2017 Jim Zito, president EESD Board of Trustees

Jim Zito is the President of the Evergreen Elementary School District board of Trustees. Jim will give an overview of EESD.


Feb 23, 2017 Richard King Speech Contest
We will be hosting the club level competition of the Richard B. King Speech Contest. The competition, named after one of Rotary International’s worldwide presidents, brings together 6 high school students from the local high school districts. The oratory of these remarkable students will keep you involved in the competition. One of the fun parts, at least for the meeting attendees, is to see how close you come to choosing the winner among the 6 students that our judges choose. The winner will go on to an area contest, a regional contest, and then the Rotary District 5170 finals winning cash prizes along the way.