Our latest International Project is in Mali, Africa

The Baobab Learning Center (BLC) began in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) charity in the USA, with programs in Mali, Africa. Our programs for the empowerment of children, women, young adults, and communities are supported by generous donations from people like you.
Our Mission
A Brighter Future for Children
​Children in rural areas of the world’s poorest countries like Mali often have little access to education. BLC houses 30 children and provides meals, clothing, and tutoring to 35 others to ensure their success in school and to prepare them to contribute to their communities as good citizens of their country, and good stewards of the land and the water around them​.
Empowering Women
​BLC has two shea butter processing facilities where over 100 women learned to process nuts they gather into shea butter to sell in a co-op.  We teach women in the village skills that include cooking, childcare, hygiene, entrepreneurship, and management.​​
Empowering Young Adults
After the Malian army repelled terrorist attacks near our center, vulnerable young adults were invited to hear presentations by educators, health practitioners, and more. The youth then chose one of eight program areas to receive vocational training and internships. Without jobs, young adults are subject to predatory recruitment by ISIS terrorists.
Great news! Solar Panels
The Baobab Center is grateful to the Rotary Club of San Jose East Evergreen and The Step It Up Foundation for a 2021 grant for solar voltaic panels at our main Center and the two shea butter and grain processing facilities. We will encourage the contractor to include young adults in our programs to assist with the work in the July of 2021 as part of their vocational training.