Subtitle: Motivate Yourself and Others to Change the World.
An Invited Presentation by
Dr. Martin Mandelberg, Ph.D.
President (2021 – 2022)
Rotary Club of San Jose East/Evergreen
"Small and Mighty"
Rotary International District 5170 Conference
24 April 2022
San Ramon, CA.
To our Rotary Leaders: Rick King, Richard Flanders, Anne Matthews, Jarita Solari, Brenda Cressey, and Chris Offer.
We were all moved by your brilliant words You touched our hearts with your stories.
I ask each of you to continue to use your access, skills, and assets to keep Rotary International highly relevant in these changing and challenging times as we all work towards making this a better and kinder world.
I commend to you the words of the internationally renowned mathematician and computer scientist, Richard Wesley Hamming, who asked the question “What are the most important problems in your field? What are you working on? Why are they not the same?”
(2) To my fellow Rotary Club Presidents and Officers.
I ask you to lead by good example, carefully listening to your members ideas, and then empowering, and enabling them to not merely do good work, but to strive to do GREAT work
You are a leader – Go forward and motivate the members of your club. The Keys to motivation are vision and action.
I commend to you the words of Nelson Mandela: “Action without Vision is passing time, vision without Action is day-dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”
(3) To Rotary Club members.
Continue to learn from your officers, mentors, and each other, as you step up and volunteer to perform the thousands of efforts that bring substantial benefits to your clubs, communities, the nation, and the world.
Be not afraid of challenges or doing something for the first time.
In the words of the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
4) To all Interactors, future Rotarians, and citizens.
I ask you to continue to observe, study, question, and challenge not only Rotary International, but all of the organizations around you.
The world’s future will be increasingly in your hands. You must continue to learn throughout your life, get involved, and be part of the solution – not part of the problem.
I challenge you with the words of Margaret Mead: “Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals.”